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We build infrastructure for machine learning

Nvidia GPU

Nvidia H100 SXM5 with 3.2T Infiniband

As low as $1.89 / GPU / hour

Designed for Performance

Our singular focus provides unparalleled performance for training and fine tuning of large ML models.

Nvidia Stack
Node Specifications

8x 80GB H100 SXM5 for 640GB of VRAM

1.0 Tb DDR5 RAM with ECC

2x 52-core CPUs for 200+ parallel threads

2x 100Gbps Ethernet network fabric

8x 400Gbps Infiniband compute fabric

Flexible Scale up to 511 nodes

Flexible Workflows

Our modular orchestration layer gives ML teams the flexibility they need.

Get bare-metal access for peak performance, or use familiar tools like Slurm, Kubernetes, or Mosaic.

Workflow Terminal

Our Customers

Flexible and Scalable

Pick what works for your team - we support a range of compute footprints from short-term burst workloads to long term large scale training.


8-248x H100 GPUs

No Minimum Terms

Market-Driven Pricing

Start in Less Than 15 Minutes


8-248x H100 GPUs

No Minimum Terms

$2.75 GPU / Hour

Start in Less Than 15 Minutes


64-4088x H100 GPUs

3200 Gbps Infiniband

12+ month terms

Friendly payment terms